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Richard Paul Evans

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A Perfect Day

A Perfect Day One of the world s most beloved authors returns with the story of a man who found everything he thought he was missing in the family he already had Robert Harlan has three loves in his life his wife

  • Title: A Perfect Day
  • Author: Richard Paul Evans
  • ISBN: 9780525947653
  • Page: 459
  • Format: Hardcover
  • One of the world s most beloved authors returns with the story of a man who found everything he thought he was missing in the family he already had Robert Harlan has three loves in his life his wife, Allyson, his daughter, Carson, and his writing As a sales rep for a small radio station, he has hopes of one day leaving it all behind for a successful writing career WheOne of the world s most beloved authors returns with the story of a man who found everything he thought he was missing in the family he already had Robert Harlan has three loves in his life his wife, Allyson, his daughter, Carson, and his writing As a sales rep for a small radio station, he has hopes of one day leaving it all behind for a successful writing career When he is unexpectedly laid off from his job, Allyson encourages him to pursue his dream of writing He writes a novel entitled A Perfect Day, based on the last few months Allyson and her father spent together as he died of cancer The story becomes a huge success and Robert finds himself swept into a new world far from his wife and home In time Robert loses track of the things he loves mostuntil he meets a stranger who begins telling him intimate details about his past, his present and, most important, the brevity of his future Thinking that he has just months to live, Robert begins to discover the truth about himself who he has become, what he has lost and what it will take to find love again A Perfect Day is a novel of love and awakening from one of the world s most beloved storytellers.

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    One thought on “A Perfect Day

    1. PaulaPhillips on said:

      Have you ever achieved something that you wanted so badly and then once you got it, it only ended up ruining your life instead of making it happier ? For Robert Harlan, he always dreamed of becoming a writer and eventually four years later when he lost his job, he finally finished his book A Perfect Day , a book based on the last few months his wife Allyson and her father Carson had together before he passed away with Cancer. Robert sends out the book to twenty-five publishing agents and one fin [...]

    2. Kay on said:

      My take away was a quote from the book "the greatest threat to love is not circumstance but the absence of attention"

    3. Christine on said:

      I've read all of Richard Paul Evans books and this is by far my favorite. It's not as sappy romantic as his others and it made me cry. It's about a guy who loses his job then finally fulfills his dream of writing a novel. He quickly finds huge success then realizes how hard it is to balance family and his touring. He meets a man who knows intimate details of his life and tells him he's gonna die on New years and it makes him start to re-prioritize his life. It's a tear-jerker so be warned!

    4. Kevin Symmons on said:

      Somehow my written review got deleted which is a good thing for Mr. Evans should anyone take my reviews to heart. Those who have read my reviews of JPEs work know I love most of what he writes. I thought "The Last Promise" and "The Carousel" were top notch. While I found much of this novel interesting (since like the hero I am an author with a first novel just released) I felt two things that kept me from embracing this work. First, I thought the hero was far from sympathetic. Despite his hard w [...]

    5. Erin on said:

      I know a lot of people who would probably really like this book, but it actually left me not quite satisfied. I really liked the premise of the book; it was just the execution, and the ultimate resolution, that bugged me. I don't want to say too much so that I don't give the end away to those who might read it, but I will say that I think the author copped out of a potentially really strong ending. I do applaud him for trying to do it creatively, but I just didn't buy it.As for the rest of the b [...]

    6. Purple Osprey on said:

      Primitive. Even for christian literature this is primitive.Basically a guy gets rich and his wife becomes whiny biatch because of that, although for the first half of the book it was repeatedly established that they had perfect marriage.Anyway now he's rich and goes to business trip and she's sooooo unhappy, but - you guessed wright- it's all his fault. Nowhere in the book does it say what he did to offend her so badly (other than go to work), but everything is his fault (because majority of the [...]

    7. Michelle Polk on said:

      Another wonderful book by Richard Paul Evans! It is a book about learning what your priorities are and should be. A man has his dreams come true with a best selling book about his wife's life. What looks like the best thing that could ever happen to him isn't all that great. He loses his priorities in the middle of his new exciting life. It goes down hill from there for him but the sweet twist that brings this book to an end is great! I recommend it for everyone.

    8. Kristin on said:

      Probably my favorite "Richard Paul Evans" book that I have read. I think his style has evolved over the years and his storytelling is drawing me in. (I didn't care for and quit reading his earlier works right after Christmas Box House). The lesson and unexpected twist at the end of this book has stayed with me over the years reminding me what is really important to me in my life.

    9. Mj on said:

      Enjoyed the book. Flows well. Easy to read. Good message. Didn't rate as high as Richard Paul Evans' other books because there were aspects of the story that were a bit of a stretch and there really wasn't much depth to the book. Nonetheless it is worth reading and would be a good pick me up read for a leisurely weekend.

    10. Bonnie on said:

      This is the second book that I have read by this author I cried during both and really enjoyed both! I tend to get A.D.D. when I am reading but this book really made me feel like I was a part of the story!

    11. Kristin on said:

      I'm kind of embarassed giving 5 stars to a Richard Paul Evans book, but I really, really enjoyed this one! As it is a RPE, it's a very easy read, but I was intrigued by the story and it had a great moral to it, too.

    12. Gayle on said:

      A different type of story from his normal. Great story line and love story.

    13. Gregandemy on said:

      His books are so enjoyable. Just quick, nice reads with good messages. Perfect for vacation or around the pool.

    14. Jill on said:

      This book made me cry. We get so caught up in life/success that we forget what really matters. Good message in this book.

    15. Kaitlin on said:

      I read this during Christmas break and it was a perfect book to read for my weeks off of school. I cried!!! It was a perfect book for a perfect day!! :)

    16. Afton on said:

      I think this is my favorite book by Evans. I love all his books, especially when I need a good cry. I walked away from this one with more love in my heart for the awesome guy I married.

    17. Susan on said:

      Xmas happinessSweet Christmas read. It was a sweet read for the season. Book so much better than movie. Author has a nice voice and style.

    18. Mike Coe on said:

      Great story about the challenges of unexpected success and fame. Even in the good times we must keep balance in our lives. Learn from the past, embrace the present, hope in the future.

    19. Rachel on said:

      Book with an important message about putting family first. Quick and easy read.

    20. Laura Beasley on said:

      Another good book. Richard Paul Evans writes books that make you think. Robert loses his job and his wife encourages to write to finish the book he is writing. The story is based on the death of his wife Allyson's father. He finishes the book while working with his brother putting in irrigation systems and sends the book off to publishers. After many rejections he gets a call. They want to publish his book. He has to go on tour to promote his book and this begins the problems in his marriage. Su [...]

    21. Diana on said:

      When he is laid off from work, Robert Harlan decides to finish the book that he has been writing for years. He sends the manuscript to many publishers and finally his book is published. He goes on a tour to push the book.The first time he has a book signing, the only person who even talks to him is someone who needs to know where the bathroom is. Then the book gains big popularity and Robert's personal life goes down hill.Robert meets a stranger who knows all about him and tells him he has a sho [...]

    22. Lisa Weber on said:

      In "The Walk", I felt as though Evans sometimes skirted the edges of sappiness, but never fell into that hole. In "A Perfect Day", he fell in. The premise was good, if obvious. The time Allyson spent with her dad was about as sticky as you could get. I found it irritating and unrealistic. Later, after his success, Robert changes in ways that are unprecedented and in my opinion, not true to character, therefore not very believable. His wife's reactions, although often unreasonable, are not questi [...]

    23. Rachel Graft on said:

      Richard Paul Evans is a great author. The story line is very unique. I wonder if there is a touch of what happen to him in real life. He gives such a wonderful perspective of a new author. I have only been to 1 book signing in real life & it was a family member. Her book was good too. Don't let fame change you & the people that believe & live you. This applies to most things in life, jib's, career, & dreams. I would recommend this book to most anyone but especially to a new buddi [...]

    24. Tina on said:

      I have always enjoyed Richard Paul Evans books and this one did not disappoint. Easy read and enjoyable. Makes one think about what and who you are in the now and what our possible purpose is in the future. Anytime a book is one that makes you think more is a bonus to me. Also loved that it showed that you can pick up an interest or a goal and it is possible at different times of your life. Though getting the fame may not be the best thing in life.

    25. Nathan Feld on said:

      A fantastic book. Evans clearly has the basics mastered and can stir emotion like a meal in a pot. The plot is simply enthralling and still surprised me after the second time of reading the book. His grasp of human emotion is expertly and he can evoke realistic anger not only in the characters but in the reader. A simple yet evocative novel that is sure to get readers reading it repeatedly.

    26. Jill Jaques on said:

      A cute and easy read.I really did not like the main character until the end. I thought he was selfish and needed a good come to Jesus. Looks like he got one. :) I thought it would have been better if Michael wasn't just a guy from the area messing with him. But still a cute read.

    27. Leslie on said:

      A story about a man who isn't doing what he longs to do in his career. He wants to be a writer. He has a great wife and daughter who he loves dearly. He does finally write and sell his book. Does what he thinks is his dream and grand end up to be that?

    28. Kathleen on said:

      A wonderful journey with the characters from beginning to end. Easy read.

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